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Class Programs

Vortex Freerunning offers a multi-level unique class curriculum dedicated to giving our athletes a proper understanding of the basics and fundamentals of Parkour, Freerunning, & Tricking. As they continue to progress through our curriculum, athletes will find themselves presented with new challenges and learning adrenaline pumping flips.

Ages 4-5


Ages 6-8

Come participate in Vortex Freerunning's Ages 8 & under Program!

Kids ages 4-5 & 6-8 start their Parkour journey here in a curriculum made specifically for them!

Level 1

Beginning here, young athletes will learn the beginnings and basics of parkour and freerunning, building confidence and the ground work for upcoming challenges!


Young athletes achieve this rank by demonstrating mastery of all skills and challenges that appear before them.

Parkour & Freerunning
Ages 9-15 & 16+

The full on Parkour Experience!

Start your parkour journey at Level 1, building the ground work, then keep on progressing as you learn new skills, challenge yourself, and stay moving!

Level 1 - The Apprentice

Your journey begins here, Athletes will start with learning the basics and fundamentals.

Level 2 - The Novice - Yellow

There's no turning back now, athletes will now learn challenging new skills and implement previous skills in real world scenarios.

Level 3 - The Experienced - Green

Time to get scary, here athletes take their training to the next level, taking on thrilling skills.

Level 4 - The Advanced - Blue

What are your limits? At this level, athletes are introduced to Freerunning, learning adrenaline pumping flips and completing daring challenges.

Level 5 - The Master - Red

Know no fear. Athletes will be introduced to the most difficult skills and challenges Vortex has to offer.

Level 6 - The Prodigy - Black

Pro status. You are limitless. The best of all of us.

Martial Arts Tricking
Ages 13+

The full on Tricking Experience!

Start your Tricking  journey at Level 1, building the ground work, learning basic kicks and transitions, then keep on progressing as you learn new skills, challenge yourself, and learn thrilling trick combos!

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