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Charter school


Meeting Physical Education Requirements

Vortex Freerunning is Now a Vendor at your local charter schooL!

or request for Vortex Freerunning to be a P.E. provider for your Charter School and let your school pay for your Parkour Lessons!

Vortex Freerunning works with Charter Schools as part of our belief that everyone should learn parkour!

We provide parkour programs that meet the physical requirements for charter schools and homeschools. Our parkour program teaches kids how to be safe and aware of their surroundings while learning how to run up walls and get over obstacles just like their favorite movies or video games!


Try your First Class Free!

Pro Tip: When Scheduling your first class, let us know you're here for our Charter School program for access to our exclusive classes earlier in the day specifically for Homeschool and Charter School athletes! 


Request the funds:
Tell your school that you're ready to sign up for parkour! Use the table below to discover our pricing. 

​- Starter Membership - One session a week: Request $160 / Month 

- Pro Membership - Two sessions a week: Request $200 / Mont

Registration Fee Required

Include a $40 Registration Fee for the School Year for your first payment only. Can be paid out of pocket if you'd like.

STEP Three

Start Attending Sessions with Us!

Once we receive funds from your school, you will be notified by us via Email and SMS about booking and creating your schedule with us!

our Industry Leading Coach to Student Ratio

Assuring all athletes get the attention they deserve and results promised.


Compared to Martial Arts Studios, Gymnastics Centers, & other parkour gyms


Success Stories?
WE love to hear it.

"My son LOOOOVESS Vortex! He just leveled up at the monthly skills test and is so excited to continue growing and learning. I am so excited he has somewhere to SAFELY learn how to jump off of stuff and funnel his crazy ‘boy’ energy into an actual sport that is challenging and creative"
- Carrie Walko
Google Review

"My son loves coming here and it has inspired him to be active on days when he can't come to class. We love it here!"
- M.W.
Yelp Review

"My now 5-year-old son has been taking classes at Vortex for over a year now and we have been SO impressed. Every coach there is patient and so good with kids. I feel like they’ve done so much to instill confidence in my son and help him try new/hard things. I would recommended Vortex to anyone!"
- Whitney Wilde.
Google Review

"I am beyond grateful for the good guidance and super happy with my progress!! In this short period of time I have already learned several kicks, tricks, jumps and flips! I almost have nailed down my backflip which has been a goal of mine for this year"
- Jorchual Gregory Vargas
Yelp Review

"Vortex offers a great facility and instructors! My 6 and 8 year olds were hooked after their first class and can’t wait for their weekly class to come."
- Josh Sackman
Google Review

...and SO many more!

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