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The image shows the Vortex Facility.

Vortex Freerunning

North Hollywood Training Facility for 

Parkour & Freerunning, Martial Arts Tricking, & More!

Office Hours

(818) 326-1697

Monday - Friday from 3 PM - 11 PM

Saturday from 11 AM - 4 PM


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About Us

In November 2020, Vortex Freerunning opened in North Hollywood, California, and committed to teaching authentic parkour to everyone. Our goal is and always has been to inspire athletes and build confidence through parkour, creating the next generation of parkour athletes who will fall in love with this sport the same way our coaches and athletes have themselves.


We have since committed to teaching our parkour classes in a 1:5 Coach to Student Athlete Ratio, an industry leader in kids fitness, and what we believe is necessary to building relationships, shortening wait times, training safely, and guaranteeing results with our athletes and families. 

Take on a challenging Curriculum...

The full on Parkour Experience!

Start your parkour journey at Level 1, building the ground work, then keep on progressing as you learn new skills, challenge yourself, and stay moving!

Level 1 - The Apprentice

Your journey begins here, Athletes will start with learning the basics and fundamentals.

Level 2 - The Novice - Yellow

There's no turning back now, athletes will now learn challenging new skills and implement previous skills in real world scenarios.

Level 3 - The Experienced - Green

Time to get scary, here athletes take their training to the next level, taking on thrilling skills.

Level 4 - The Advanced - Blue

What are your limits? At this level, athletes are introduced to Freerunning, learning adrenaline pumping flips and completing daring challenges.

Level 5 - The Master - Red

Know no fear. Athletes will be introduced to the most difficult skills and challenges Vortex has to offer.

Level 6 - The Prodigy - Black

Pro status. You are limitless. The best of all of us.

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The Pros

Our Young Athletes

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